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Conference Program

12:00 - 6:00 PM

The Women’s Leadership Conference will be offering a variety of panels as its format for the lectures. Each panel will feature different topics and a selection of female leaders in their field. They will speak to their experience and open the door for questions.

Act Up, Act Out!
Activism from Community to Government


Moderator: Fazia Deen
Speakers: Dalia Mogahed|Tuqa Nusairat | Sr. Abrar Omeish|Asha Noor

This session is designed to empower Muslim women to find their passion for service,get involved in civic engagement and get involved with their local government. Many women have passion for change but don’t know where to start. We want to provide them with tools to navigate the internal and external obstacles Muslim Women face (i.e. stigma of women being active, Islamophobia, labels, low confidence etc) in order  to tackle the much needed work in our community and society. The machine of anti Muslim sentiment is large and well-funded. How can we measure up and go beyond being an embattled community to thriving.

Beauty & Brains
Panel on Education

Moderator: Nisa Muhammad
Speakers: Dr. Zainab Alwani|Sr. Faatimah Knight |Sr. Rahima Abdullah

A recent US based study found that in 2017,the vast majority  of girls as young as six do not believe they are as intelligent as boys. Stereotypes, media and cultural norms instill in women they have less to contribute intellectually. Sadly, Muslim women and girls have fallen into this same track.  Furthermore, studies have shown more women are leaving Islam because they couldn’t find their rightful place  in Islamic discourse, in the mosque or between the pages of religious text. HELP!

Let's Talk Taboo
Health and Wellness

Moderator: Ieasha Prime
Speakers: Dr. Heba Hariri| Dr. Rasheeda Abdulkhabeer|Dr. Safia Noor

It is a well known fact that 2 things are rarely discussed in Muslim households above a whisper sexual/reproductive health  and Mental Illness.  Both are taboo conversations only held by individuals with low eman. Yet, we are a community that holds education in high esteem. Where did the breakdown occur? More importantly, how do we cross these burning sands in order for women and youth to be better educated, prepared and healthier! Discussing the topic won’t make us promiscuous, compromise our modesty or cause us to go insane.  In fact, it might prevent all of the above.


Moderator:  Hanaa Soltan
Speakers: Rawan Elbaba & Omama Al-Taleb | Bayan and Amani Jondi| Sr. Kiran Yasin| Sr. Khadijah Abdullah

Inquiring Minds want to know!  How do I go from a great idea to a full business? How do I know if I’m ready?  What skills do I  need? How can I ensure its success?  How will I balance it all?  This panel will be in a Talk Show format.

Gala Program

7:00 - 9:00 PM

The women's leadership gala is the followup gala style event that will feature keynote lecture by imam zaid shaker, a brief fundraiser, and Entertainment featuring stand up comedy by yasmine elhady, spoken word, and more!

Keynote Lecture

Imam Zaid Shaker

Brief Fundraiser

Sr. Ieasha Prime


Sr. Yasmine Elhady, Sr. Hanan Seid, & More.


Guest Speakers



Hilton - Arlington 

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